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Online Video made easy and affordable

To sum up from the previous articles, here are the key benefits of advertising real estate by means of online video:

  • Online video creates higher initial buyer awareness, capturing the attention of tens of millions of online users;
  • Online video generates more referrals – people tend to share videos they watch online. This brings you FREE word-of-mouth advertising, you are hardly getting anywhere else online;
  • Online video increases Brand Loyalty and Awareness – people remember the videos they watch much more than what they read online or offline;
  • Online video inspires trust and credibility – people tend to perceive better and retain knowledge of the information from the online videos;
  • Online video can generate you more leads – people tend to respond and take action several times more frequently, after watching online video ad;

You can make full use of the benefits and advantages that online video offers, by employing video production and distribution service.

  • You can Save Money on advertising your listings;
  • You can Save tens of hours producing your videos ;
  • You can Save tens of hours uploading your videos to video sharing sites;
  • You can Save tens of hours distributing your links the social media sites;
  • You can generate more leads and increase the response rates to your ads several times;
  • You can get more referrals by Word of Mouth advertising for FREE;
  • You can boost your Brand awareness and loyalty, standing out as an authority real estate agent or broker;

No longer you have to feel intimidated by technology, cost or time issues.

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