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Making online video affordable: Two problems you have to overcome /part3/

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Problem # 2: Video Distribution

Once your videos are produced, even if you have taken all the time to do that yourself, the question comes of how to put your wonderful videos in front of the potential buyers.

How can you take advantage of the humongous traffic going through all the social websites?

How can you expose your listings to the tens of millions that visit the Web 2.0 websites on a monthly basis?

Specialized platforms for video real estate distribution are hardly available.  Websites like Wellcomemat.com are just emerging and gaining speed.  In order to get wide exposure and have your message seen by a relevant audience, you have to upload your videos to tens of different video sharing sites.  All of them have their unique user interfaces which you have to become familiar with one by one.

Furthermore, you have to spend time properly tagging your videos, so that they come on relevant search results within those video sites.  You have to spend time typing proper description, putting the right title, all of that one by one for each video on each video sharing website.

Let’s take another real life example…

If you have your 50 videos already produced, for the sake of this example we assume you spend no money on video production, and it takes you about 15 minutes per video to upload to a single website , it would take you:

50 videos x 15 minutes = 750 minutes per website.

Then, if you are uploading to 20 video sharing websites, the time spent will become:

750 minutes x 20 websites = 15,000 minutes

This is 250 hours of your precious time!!! Few agents anywhere in the world would be able to afford that.  You should really take your time and spend considerable efforts doing your submissions.

continues in part 4…

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Making online video affordable: Two problems you have to overcome /part1/

The problems with advertising online video real estate listings come two ways:

·         One, it’s the production cost;

·         Two, it’s the time necessary as well as the cost of distribution;

Let’s focus on the problems associated with online video real estate listings and see why few estate agents have been using them up to now.

Problem # 1:Production Cost

The production cost of video listings has been a major problem for the real estate agents so far.  The cheapest version of online video – picture slide shows, are either free or cost anything up to 50 Euro per video. However, they require you to waste time and upload the pictures for each slideshow yourself.  Instead of serving your customers and growing your business you have to become a tech geek producer of videos.

Free flash slideshow services rarely allow for eye catching effects.  Furthermore, even a cost of 30 or more Euro is still pretty high for a simple slideshow video. Additionally, free services rarely allow you to download the video in any file format so that you can use it in your own way.

Those videos, when free of charge, are usually hosted on the service’s own website. You are not given the flexibility to distribute your own content as you wish, distinguishing yourself for the excellence of the services you provide.

Let’s take a real life example…

Being an estate agent who has 50 properties for sale or rent, let’s assume you want to produce video for each of your listings. Let us assume a charge of just 30 Euro per video. So, you pay:

50 videos x 30 Euro = 1,500 Euro

As you can see from the example, it is hardly worth paying that much for producing the videos for your listings.

But there is also another problem.  Even if you are using one of the very few free services, you still have to spend a lot of time producing the videos.

Continues…….  in part 2

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