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Online Video made easy and affordable

To sum up from the previous articles, here are the key benefits of advertising real estate by means of online video:

  • Online video creates higher initial buyer awareness, capturing the attention of tens of millions of online users;
  • Online video generates more referrals – people tend to share videos they watch online. This brings you FREE word-of-mouth advertising, you are hardly getting anywhere else online;
  • Online video increases Brand Loyalty and Awareness – people remember the videos they watch much more than what they read online or offline;
  • Online video inspires trust and credibility – people tend to perceive better and retain knowledge of the information from the online videos;
  • Online video can generate you more leads – people tend to respond and take action several times more frequently, after watching online video ad;

You can make full use of the benefits and advantages that online video offers, by employing video production and distribution service.

  • You can Save Money on advertising your listings;
  • You can Save tens of hours producing your videos ;
  • You can Save tens of hours uploading your videos to video sharing sites;
  • You can Save tens of hours distributing your links the social media sites;
  • You can generate more leads and increase the response rates to your ads several times;
  • You can get more referrals by Word of Mouth advertising for FREE;
  • You can boost your Brand awareness and loyalty, standing out as an authority real estate agent or broker;

No longer you have to feel intimidated by technology, cost or time issues.

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Making online video affordable: Two problems you have to overcome /part2/

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If you spend an average of 15 minutes per video for uploading the pictures, customization and editing of the final version of the video, you would have to spend:

50 videos x 15 minutes = 750 minutes for producing the videos.

This is 12 hours and 30 minutes of your precious time during which you would not be doing your core business activities.  Few agents can actually afford spending that much time.  It costs you also money, as you might very well miss business while doing video production yourself.

Technology issues can also come your way. Furthermore, you can very well feel uncomfortable using the respective interface of the online video creation service.

Professionally done video footage and photography costs a lot too. You can very well be charged anything from 120 to 500 Euro per video. Picture how much you would have to pay if you would want videos produced for all of your 50 listings.  You can very well end up paying tens of thousands, which is hardly worth the efforts.

continues…. in part 3

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