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Making online video affordable: Two problems you have to overcome /part4/

To sum up, here are the two major problems with online video real estate listings:

  • Production Cost;
  • Distribution of content;

Both can cost you, if not straight forward money then at least big amount of time. Converted to missed business opportunities it still translates into money left on the table.

The net effect of the two major problems discussed previously is that the search results, for instance, at Youtube.com and Google for one and the same keyword are showing huge differences. Those differences point unexploited opportunities which you can take advantage of.

Here are some examples…

Keyword: Real Estate

YouTube.com – 27,800 results

Google.com – 580,000,000 results

Keyword: Property

Youtube.com – 208,000 results

Google.com – 577,000,000 results

Keyword: Overseas Property

Youtube.com – 7,980 results

Google.com – 1,950,000 results

As you can see the competition when it comes to videos on the net is far less than the competition you get regarding keyword relevant website search results. If you could have sufficient amount of videos for your real estate listings distributed throughout the net, your visibility would increase exponentially. More people would see your marketing messages, which could effectively translate into more leads and increased brand awareness.

So, how can you possibly reconcile between the cost in terms of time and money and the huge exposure and savings you can enjoy advertising by means of online video?

Stay tuned for the next article to discover how…

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Making online video affordable: Two problems you have to overcome /part3/

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Problem # 2: Video Distribution

Once your videos are produced, even if you have taken all the time to do that yourself, the question comes of how to put your wonderful videos in front of the potential buyers.

How can you take advantage of the humongous traffic going through all the social websites?

How can you expose your listings to the tens of millions that visit the Web 2.0 websites on a monthly basis?

Specialized platforms for video real estate distribution are hardly available.  Websites like Wellcomemat.com are just emerging and gaining speed.  In order to get wide exposure and have your message seen by a relevant audience, you have to upload your videos to tens of different video sharing sites.  All of them have their unique user interfaces which you have to become familiar with one by one.

Furthermore, you have to spend time properly tagging your videos, so that they come on relevant search results within those video sites.  You have to spend time typing proper description, putting the right title, all of that one by one for each video on each video sharing website.

Let’s take another real life example…

If you have your 50 videos already produced, for the sake of this example we assume you spend no money on video production, and it takes you about 15 minutes per video to upload to a single website , it would take you:

50 videos x 15 minutes = 750 minutes per website.

Then, if you are uploading to 20 video sharing websites, the time spent will become:

750 minutes x 20 websites = 15,000 minutes

This is 250 hours of your precious time!!! Few agents anywhere in the world would be able to afford that.  You should really take your time and spend considerable efforts doing your submissions.

continues in part 4…

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